Automated Lumber Handling Return On Investment
The greatest advantage in owning a system by Automated Lumber Handling is return on investment. Automated Lumber Handling's integrated systems help plants run with less manpower and greater efficiency.

Plant Efficiency
Automated Lumber Handling's machinery is specifically built to fit the space requirements of your facility, as opposed to standard catalog machinery. Consequently, you end up with better organization and work flow. Automated Lumber Handling's custom built machinery ensures that the relationship between your facility and the equipment is at the highest level of efficiency.

Customer Service
Automated Lumber Handling provides prompt, reliable, and personalized service at every level of system development. This begins with the initial price quotes, through dimension control, drawing approvals and to the service of the completed equipment. We also provide an Operations Manual with each system to allow you to interchange parts and troubleshoot, if necessary.

Maximum Flexibility
Unlike many firms that are tied to other manufacturers, Automated Lumber Handling is not bound to any particular equipment supplier. We work with a diverse group of suppliers to create the best possible system for your needs.

Unlimited Potential
When ordering a system from Automated Lumber Handling, you are not buying off-the-rack equipment assuming it can be adapted to your needs. You are adding hand-crafted, quality machinery to your work force, maximizing time and energy in a way that not only strengthens your business, but your sense of satisfaction as well.

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